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As a Los Angeles real estate agent, Wendy has the experience to apply her real estate expertise to the home buying process as well. If it's working with a first time buyer, Wendy provides the patient guidance through the complex and sometimes overwhelming process of buying a new home. For the seasoned homeowner looking to upgrade, downgrade or require specific needs (Additional dwelling units, creative solutions to repurpose space, ground-up remodels) that they need a steward who can fit the proper solution to a specific set of needs. Investors who are looking to grow their portfolio might require a more data driven set of solutions while luxury buyers are just as concerned with the location of their home as they are with it’s history, architecture, and amenities. 


Wendy is passionate about connecting people with a home that matches their own personal story and helping you find your place in the world.

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Civic engagement is what makes a home a part of a  neighborhood and a neighborhood a part of a community and a community a safe and vibrant place to live. In an effort to build positive engagement around the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy created MaskUpLA. MaskUpLA is an initiative to spread awareness about the benefits of wearing a mask while in public places.

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Compass Concierge

Get fronted for the cost of home improvement services with no interest — ever.

Compass Concierge is the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price with services like staging, flooring, painting, and more.

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711 Westbourne Drive


Sold - $1,970,000

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"As our realtor in helping me and my wife find our beautiful first home, Wendy Gladson was absolutely phenomenal. Initially, the home-buying process seemed incredibly overwhelming until we connected with Wendy, who enthusiastically guided us through each step of the process. Her expertise, professionalism and familiarity in the South Bay real estate field was immediately apparent, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with her (and always looked forward to our next in-person meeting/viewing with her)! Her tenacity, research and ingenuity allowed us to make a very attractive offer on our dream house, which was immediately accepted. Wendy is attentive, personable, patient and energetic (not to mention hilarious); additionally, she seamlessly integrated her contacts/colleagues from both the financing and contractor sides of the industry to provide us with a very well-rounded real estate team. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and experienced realtor to help make the home-buying process both manageable and very enjoyable!" 

- Ryan Farr

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